Why do you have to study in Australia?

Young people have big dreams to study, work and live abroad. A lot of countries provide high quality education, multi-cultural with affordable price. By having tremendous options, they hesitate to choose which country is the best for them. Each country is unique and has a lot of advantages.

And now why do you have to choose Australia to continue your study:

1. The education quality
Australia has quality assurance institution in education to ensure the student will get high quality education by rooting from international standard. This institution has a function to manage the study qualification get accepted by higher degree education or employer all over the world.

2. Get a job as part-timer
As International student, Australia has allowed you to get part time job for 40 hours fortnightly. And for higher degree student such as bachelor, master or doctoral, The Australia government gives the opportunity to get temporary graduate visa to work full time.

3. Extravaganza view
Australia is the one of tourist destination in the world. Besides, getting a high quality education, you can also explore beautiful places.

4. Multi-cultural country
Australia is immigrant country, it is effortless to find the culture from all over the world and also this is a big opportunity for international student to learn the universal and diversity of culture by having multi-cultural friends.

5. World quality university
The Australia universities have been recognized internationally. They are 100 best universities in the world and Australia has 8 of them. Based on times higher education 2015-2016, from 400 the superior university in the world, Australia has 20 universities among of them.